The world’s first handheld, WiFi operated, 3D-printed medical cannabis inhaler will soon hit the market – and patients are ready to reap the benefits in Israeli.

Doctors prescribing joints and liquid extracts for patients is old news. And mainstream ingestion methods, which often lead to an improper dosage, can be booted out too. This portable medical device enables patients to inhale a metered doses, as little as 1 milligram, of vaporised cannabis. This revolutionary method gives patients more control by preventing mind-altering side effects that often accompany the drug.

Testing of the Syqe inhaler is set to begin in Israel’s hospitals by the end of 2014, and the device is predicted to become available for prescription home use in 2015.

The Syqe inhaler is the brainchild of entrepreneur, Perry Davidson, who helped launch the medical cannabis program in 2007, implemented by the Israeli Health Ministry. To say the least, Israel is at the forefront of such progressive medical programs, where research of the green plant has been conducted freely since the 60s.

One of the main concerns with administering cannabis is dosage. With the Syqe inhaler, doctors can now monitor patients’ intake and fine-tune dosage accordingly. After conducting clinical trails, Syqe Medical concluded a 74% precision rate and results show treatment is about 3x more efficient with the inhaler. So far, the only adverse side effect has been lightheadedness 20 minutes after using the inhaler.

What’s your verdict?

Orson is the founder of the London Cannabis Club.

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