Author: Orson


Orson is the founder of the London Cannabis Club.

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Make Your Own Essential Oils

Essential oil extractor meets bluetooth: There’s an app for that, and users can extract at home! Ditch the drugstore: create your own medicine! A kitchen appliance is making it safe and easy …


Cancer, Cannabis Oil And Landon Riddle

Every morning, 4-year-old Landon Riddle takes two capsules of cannabis-infused oil — down the hatch, usually with breakfast. It is as routine as it is controversial. In the face of her son’s extreme (…


Ireland Is Planning To Decriminalise Cannabis

Ireland's Minister of State for the National Drugs Strategy yesterday revealed plans to decriminalise the personal use of cocaine, cannabis and heroin "early next year". Speaking to The Irish Times…


Leaf: Cannabis Growing System

Tired of waiting on a dealer who is always late? Always wished you were a master grower, but only have the ability to kill every house plant you ever owned? Yeah, there’s an app with a growing system …


12kg Of Cannabis Falls From Sky

A massive bundle of cannabis fell from the sky and crushed the kennel of a pet dog. Maya Donnelly of Arizona was woken by a loud crashing noise but assumed it was a storm and went back to sleep. The …


Cannabis Forest Found In South London

The Metropolitan Police might have unearthed a stoner’s paradise in a remote area of south west London. A “small forest” of suspected cannabis plants, which resemble Christmas trees, was found grow…