Portugal-based Bial lab is the manufacturer of the experimental medicine that sent six male volunteers in a trial of the drug to hospital in France, French Health Minister Marisol Touraine said on Friday.

frenchcanna2Marisol TouraineSource: David Vincent/AP
The Minister also said the drug, which was being tested in a Phase I trial in France by Biotrial for Bial, contained neither cannabis nor any substance derived from cannabis.

A person familiar with the situation had said it was a cannabis-based painkiller.

The minister said the drug was meant to act on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which deals with pain.

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One person has been left brain dead and five others are in a serious condition after taking part in the clinical trial in western France, the French health ministry said earlier. Touraine confirmed the drug trial’s volunteers were all males, ages 28 to 49, and that the first sign of illness began Sunday.

“What’s happened is unprecedented,” she said, according to the Journal, adding that the French government has “never seen any trace of a similar accident” and promised to “shed light on this tragic accident and find all those responsible.”

What is still not understood is WHY the mainstream media jumped on the whole cannabis story and even now its been PROVEN that there was no cannabis involved still have ‘cannabis’ in there headlines!

Orson is the founder of the London Cannabis Club.

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