CDx, a company from California, is tackling one of the medical cannabis industry’s biggest problems: a lack of product regulation. While testing labs exist in California and other states with medical cannabis, only Colorado has laws that say dispensaries must use them. Knowing that their medicine is safe and up to the standards that they need for treatment is important to users. But this knowledge has not always been easy to find.

The solution could be found in CDx’s handheld device called MyDx. It’s the same size of your average smartphone and uses electronic nose technology to ‘read’ your sample of cannabis. The device can show you the various levels of cannabinoids (like THC, CBD, CBN) and terpenoids. It can also show if there is any mold, bacteria or fungi in your sample.

While the company envisions their device eventually being able to analyse anything you eat, drink, or inhale, they started with cannabis in mind. Daniel Yazbeck, the main founder of this project, explains the need:

“People can take the same strain, the same clone, and you won’t get the same product depending on the grower and slightly varying conditions,” he explains.

“So the only way to do this is based on the chemicals and not the name until you get consistency in the industry.”

Included with this device is a mobile app that lets users report effects of different strains. The company also plans to work with labs across the country to merge verified data with user reported effects to present a comprehensive list strains and what benefits they each may provide you.


One of the issues currently is how expensive the device is to manufacture. Thinking outside the box, CDx has launched a crowdfunding campaign that has successfully met its first goal and is on par to reach its second. The company is hopeful that by December the first batches of MyDx will have been shipped – just in time for Christmas!

The device should cost around £200 but will it really work? We aren’t too sure but we are excited to find out….

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Orson is the founder of the London Cannabis Club.

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