JyARZ, the pocket sized, glass-lined, travel container. A slick travel accessory for you vapists out there.

I picked mine up from VapeFiend, for £9.99.

Here’s what VapeFiend has to say about them:

“With a tough, shock-resistant and UV-blocking outer casing made from recycled milk jugs, and a removable, replaceable, washable glass insert, Jyarz keep your herbs fresher than clear-glass jars or plastic tupperware-style containers. Why? Because glass is inert, so unlike plastics, it doesn’t absorb anything, and it doesn’t leach chemicals into whatever you store in it.

What’s more, it’s easier to clean than plastics, so you can make sure that no residues or flavours are transferred between different botanical herbs or products.”

Jyarz London

Jyarz are also smell-proof, tightly sealing their contents and their odours behind thick, FDA food-safe latex rubber gaskets, meaning the healing aromas of your herbs stay exactly where they should. In addition, the tough, protective outer casing also serves as a UV-blocker, protecting your herbs from degradation through light exposure; this coupled with the Jyarz unique airtight seal means your herbs will stay fresh for a very long time.

Jyarz Black Big Ben - LCC

I digg the black one. It’s stealthy, which is handy when you’re out in public.

Jyarz London LCC Review

Easy to store and easy to conceal this really is a great little addition for any vapist who wants to enjoy their herbs on the go.

Outside Dimensions: 7.6cm (3”) Tall by 3.17cm (1 1/4”) Wide (at top/widest)
Volume: 37ml (1.25 Fl Ounces) – Holds approximately 3 grams of unground herbs. (maybe a little small for you smokers)

Creative thinker at the London Cannabis Club.

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