I have been using the all-in-one smoking accessory Trove by GreenWizard Products (GWP) now for a little over 3 months. From sunny Amsterdam to police festooned London 4/20 rally at Hyde Park. It has been used in every place i’ve been recently and seamlessly become part of my day to day life.

The TROVE as claimed by GWP is a unique multi use All-in-One smokers lifestyle accessory.  It will Grind, Stash, Conceal, Protect and organise your valuable essentials in what is claimed to be a truley 100% Watertight & fully smell proof container.  Holding upto 6 cigarettes or rollups, a pack of King Size Slim smoking papers.  There is also and a nifty slot to accept a pack of filter paper tips too.  It can be washed, cleaned if required and submerged in water without any water ingress.

Think the All-in-One smokers accessory for when your on the move especially if your life activities consist of going to Festivals, Snowbarding, Cycling, Walking, Fishing, Swimming at the pool or the beach to name a few or even just at home and want to store all your secrets away from prying eyes.


I was pleasantly surprised when my sample arrived. It was not at all what I expected. From my previous experiences of “all-in-one stash jars” they really hadn’t ticked all the boxes. What I held in my hand was, in my opinion, a high quality feeling product. Larger than expected, it felt solid and durable and something that was defiantly built to last.

GWP boasts of the Trove being both waterproof and smell proof seemed entirely plausible when you see the nifty capsule in your hand. Upon unscrewing the lid of the Trove capsule your greeted initially with a lanyard strap, ideal for hanging around your neck and under your clothes during activities. Within the innards of the Trove there is a incredibly well designed ‘M’ card style piece named the “Rolling Buddy”. The holes are sizeable enough to fit 6 cigarettes – made to measure. Along the top of the “Rolling Buddy” there is a useful V slot for holding your rolling papers when making your rollups. There is also what is claimed to be a wind break assist feature which seems to hold fairly true when the grinder head is attached.

While testing these claims, It has been through its paces and has seen strains, such as Voyagers Lemon Bubble to the prestigious K3M, crunch through it’s built in grinder – without a smell! Quite a feat considering these pungent and punchy strains.


In the lid of the Trove resides the grinder mechanism. Removing the grinder attachment which is held in place by a nifty custom made neoprene plug.  You simply peel off the plug from the grinder head and this snap fit firmly into the top of the rolling buddy via its locating pins.  Now you have an easy hand held grinder tool to crush your herb.  When finished grinding you remove the grinder head from the rolling buddy re-assemble this to the plug and re-store this back inside the lid for safe keeping.

The Trove could be compared to other similar products within the market but none ive seen do all the features together that the Trove boast. With that being said I have been truly impressed by the Trove with every aspect of use, where other rival products had failed.

All the people I have come in to contact with regarding the Trove have been equally excited about the product. The plethora of uses that it holds makes it an ideal travel buddy for even the fair weather smoker.

One thing that must be noted is that GWP team’s ability to take on feedback and instigate that into future planning of potential improved versions should they be required.


With product collaborations underway and recent global product awareness campaigns this has elevated the Trove’s existence and is sure to be this years biggest summer hit for 2014.

Here at the London Cannabis Club we are excited to see where this new and innovative product will lead.

In totality the Trove is an awesome product making a real statement amongst an emerging industry. I found it to be a very handy tool for people on the go. Be it out walking the dog or travelling its a great little thing to keep your “valuables” secure from external uncertainties.

Keep an eye on GreenWizard Products this year they surely have there eye on the ball. The Trove is a sure fire winner and hope to see they go from strength to strength across the industry.


You can buy them direct from: Greenwizard Products


Facebook: GreenWizard

Orson is the founder of the London Cannabis Club.

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