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LondonCannabisClub.com is a website created and maintained by a group of professional men and women interested in legalizing and regulating marijuana. We believe that the current prohibition of cannabis causes more harm than good. We have also personally experienced the medical benefits of marijuana.

Two members of our group suffer from Crohn’s Disease, a debilitating auto-immune disease that affects the colon. Both have seen significant improvements in their condition after using marijuana.

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Another was diagnosed with severe depression more than 20 years ago. Since using marijuana, he has been able to stop taking anti-depressants that severely weakened his libido. He is now a successful entrepreneur and is married with children.

We are certainly not saying that cannabis is safe for everyone. There are many people who don’t enjoy the experience or who suffer negative reactions to the drug. However, there is no question that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and nicotine, both of which are legal.

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We believe it should be up to the individual as to whether he or she decides to use cannabis—not the government. In the meantime, please enjoy reading through LondonCannabisClub.com and we hope it provides useful information, entertainment, and provocative opinions.

We also review numerous products, mostly vaporizers. Users of cannabis should only use vaporizers as this is the safest way to consume the drug. Vaporizers are expensive, so we try to guide the reader to the best vaporizers on the market today. They are well-worth the extra expense in the long run.

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