Mighty Vaporizer Review – The Best Portable?

Mighty Vaporizer

In this review, we’ll take a look at the Mighty Vaporizer, a portable vaping device made by the German company Storz & Bickel.

Storz & Bickel also manufactures the legendary Volcano Vaporizer, which is the most powerful desktop vaporizer that science has yet devised. It’s basically the Rolls Royce of vaporizers.

The only “problem” with the Volcano is that it’s large and heavy. You certainly can’t carry it around in your pocket or purse.

So Stolz & Bickel decided to make a smaller version of the Volcano, which they’ve called the Mighty Vaporizer. Like the Volcano, the Mighty has set a new standard of quality for vaporizers, this time in the portable division.

The Mighty Vaporizer

Also like the Volcano, the Mighty Vaporizer is an elite item. This one, for example, costs $349 at VapeWorld.com, which is an authorized Storz & Bickel dealer.

We absolutely recommend only buying from an authorized dealer. A lot of people try to save money by buying cheap imitations. Don’t do it!

VapeWorld.com is not only a trusted authorized dealer who ships internationally, but they will also beat any other authorized dealer’s price. Plus you’ll get a 3-year warranty and an additional $20 off your first purchase. You really can’t do better.

Why is the Mighty Vaporizer Superior?

The most common complaint about portable vaporizers is that they don’t produce large enough amounts of vapor. You have to take draw after draw before you can finally begin to appreciate the ingredients you’re vaping. Sound familiar?

clouds of vapor

Imagine using a portable vaporizer that produces huge clouds of potent, delicious-tasting vapor. That’s what the Mighty does. And each cloud of vapor is incredibly consistent. From one session to the next.

When people use the Mighty Vaporizer for the first time, they often “get it.” They now understand what vaping can be like. Going back to a cheaper vaporizer is like going back to the Stone Age.

The clouds of vapor produced by the Mighty are also wonderfully flavorful. You can really taste the subtle essences of your ingredients. It’s a whole new way to experience vaping.

How Does The Mighty Vaporizer Work?

Despite its power and precision, the Mighty is incredibly easy to use. There are clearly marked function buttons and a simple-to-understand LED display.

How to use the Mighty Vaporizer

There are no complicated sequences of buttons you have to push to change the settings or the temperature. There are no confusing colors flashing on the LED display that you have to guess the meaning of.

Everything is totally intuitive and clearly marked. For those who prefer to dig deeper into the operation of the Mighty, there’s a Bluetooth app that enables further customization.

The Mighty also has a quicker heat-up time than most other portables. Its battery life is longer. And you can use it while it’s charging.

This video shows exactly how the Mighty Vaporizer works and what it comes with:

5 Reasons Why The Mighty Is The Best Portable Vaporizer

1) The Mighty produces HUGE amounts of potent vapor.
2) The vapor is powerfully concentrated and full of FLAVOR.
3) Each hit is incredibly CONSISTENT.
4) It’s the most EFFICIENT way to consume your ingredients.
5) And it’s incredibly EASY TO USE.

If you consider yourself any kind of connoisseur of your ingredients, you really should own a Mighty Vaporizer. It’s as simple as that.

But make sure you order the Mighty from an authorized Storz & Bickel dealer or you might get a fake. We recommend VapeWorld.com because they offer the lowest prices of any authorized dealer, a 3-year warranty, international shipping, and $20 off your first purchase.

Of course, there’s the expense to consider. But because the Mighty is so efficient at producing highly consistent clouds of vapor, you’ll use less of your ingredients.

Over time this will save money, and the Mighty Vaporizer will more than pay for itself. Think of it as an investment.

Why Should You Use a Vaporizer Instead of Smoking?

vaping better than smoking

Vaporizers won’t irritate your respiratory system nearly as much as smoking. That’s because vaporizers heat-up, but don’t burn, the materials you’re vaping.

When you smoke you burn your ingredients, and that releases hundreds of harmful toxic chemicals.

The beauty of a vaporizer is that it heats-up your materials enough so the “good parts” are released, but not enough to release the “bad parts”. Which is pretty ingenious.

Vaporizers are also more efficient because they’re precisely engineered to get the most out of your ingredients. When you smoke there’s massive amounts of waste.

Cost of vaping vs smoking

Why anyone would choose to smoke when they can vape is beyond us.

If you care about your health, as well as your ingredients, then you absolutely must own a vaporizer. It simply doesn’t make sense to take advantage of the healthy aspects of your ingredients while actually damaging your respiratory system, does it?

Mighty Vaporizer kit

Mighty Vaporizer Testimonials and User Reviews

“I bought my Mighty about 9 months ago and it has been perfect. Yes, it is a bit large for a portable vape, but I would describe it as inconspicuous and very well designed. I love the digital temperature control and the exceptional battery life. I use mine most days and have no complaints. I also own a Volcano that has done a stellar job for a decade now, but even at home I only take the Volcano out if there’s more than two people. Other than that the Mighty is my go to.” –Rick, Las Vegas, NV

“Excellent Vape – A little large for a “portable,” but perfect around the house. For daily use, the Mighty rules. Easy load. Easy clean. Huge clouds. I’m on my second Mighty and they both still work great.” –L.S., Rochester, NY

using a Mighty vaporizer

“My wife and I each have one and we use them daily. The unit is very portable and the battery is long-lasting. Storz & Bickel’s introduction of dosing capsules has made the machine even better – I fill capsules in advance and store them in the eight-capsule magazine and they make it easier to keep the machine clean.” –Melvin, NY, NY

“The vapor is excellent, so smooth and cool to the taste. It does not burn or irritate your throat at all even after numerous tokes. The material burns cleaner and more efficient than other vaporizers I have used. After use, the material is changed into a fine ash like material, I do think this is a result of a better convection system with heat being equally distributed in the chamber. The design of the unit is so that it allows just enough oxygen to mix with the material to make it pleasantly tasting, plus it produces larger clouds of exhaled vapor.

exhaling vapor

Another positive about the unit is it has a lighted screen while in use that shows the temperature and how much battery life is left before needing to be charged. I turned up the temp ten degrees from the factory setting to 190. I found this vaporizes the material a little better. Bottom line, if you can afford it, buy it. It is like other fine made German products. I can promise you a lot of research went into making this a fine quality made product. It is worth saving up for even if you have to wait six months to buy it. It is so much better than the other vaporizers I have tried. This should be voted best portable vaporizer of the decade for the money.” –Rob B., Portland, OR

vaping matieral

“I’ve been a long time vaper. I’ve lost count of how much I’ve spent on different vapes, both portable and stationary, in my search for something that would do the job, right, every time. Every one of them is now stored “somewhere”, since my wife talked me into putting out the $$ for the Mighty. (I now own 2 of them. I wouldn’t want to be without one if it needed servicing, so I bought a spare!) Bottom line… I’m a medical user with a lot of experience with both combustion and vaporizing. I’m also a Registered Nurse. I will never combust again, (until cremation, of course 🙂 and Highly recommend this particular machine, after trying most units on the market. It is the best portable unit I’ve ever come across, and performs better than most table units.” –Shep W. Chicago, Il

“Aside from being bulkier, the Mighty is superior in every way to every other portable vape I’ve used. It pulls with ease, never clogs up, and barely requires cleaning/maintenance. I used to spend way too much time cleaning out my vapes with pipe cleaners, because the air channel would gunk up and it would get super hard to pull. No more!” –Zachary, London, England

“I upgraded to the Mighty, and haven’t looked back since. It just works, like a power tool from Home Depot! Highly recommended. Also, it’s the only portable vape that acts as a desktop as well. Use it plugged in or not, crushed or whole bud, tiny dose, big dose, fill the bowl or use the capsules, it all just works! Mighty for Life.” –John, Dallas, TX

“Being a long time Volcano owner, I would often run into a scenario of either having to lug around the Volcano or decide to forego it completely for convenience. Storz & Bickel aims to solve that problem with providing a fine portable solution the Mighty. Hits like a Volcano in your hand, only thing is you may be off put by the small bowl. About 2 mighty bowls is equivalent to 1 Volcano bowl.” –Martin, St. Paul, Minn

woman using the Mighty Vaporizer

“First of all, this thing is durable. Over 1 year later and it still works like a champ. It definitely gets the job done. No heating problems, batteries last for quite a bit of time in between charges. The interchangeable pieces are pretty cheap, but sturdy, and help keep it running like its right outta the box! I love it, and more importantly it helps my boyfriend manage his Crohn’s, so it’s a really small expense to pay to help him get relief he needs. I would definitely recommend Storz and Bickel, but also specifically the Mighty, for a discretionary hand held vaporizer. (By that I mean it has very low residual odor when not in use.) I have to say, it’s very innovative and engineered magnificently.” –Kylie, Burlington, VT

man using vaporizer

“I LOVE my mighty. I have already bought two over the span of 3-4ish years. For the amount I use it, it is very durable and the Storz-bickel repair service is the most convenient and fast support I’ve ever gotten with an electronic item. They really go above and beyond for their customers. With an increase in battery life and a ton of lovely accessories, nothing beats this deal. I will never switch to another vaporizer again, I am hooked for life!” –Curtis, Glasgow, Scotland

What’s the Best Way To Buy the Mighty Vaporizer?

Remember, if you’re interested in purchasing a Mighty, please beware of cheap imitations. If the price seems too good to be true then it’s very likely a Chinese knock-off. To avoid fakes, you should only buy through an authorized dealer.

We recommend shopping at VapeWorld.com. They have the lowest prices, are an authorized dealer, ship internationally, and they offer a 3-year warranty. You’ll also receive a $20 discount upon your first purchase.

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